General Information
General Information

1. Currency exchange

The Pataca (MOP) is Macau's official currency. The exchange rate is MOP103.20 = HKD100.00. There is an acceptable variation up to 10%. Roughly 8 Patacas is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. Please check the currency exchange rate in the local bank system or use the following link as a reference:

2. Climate
Annual average temperature is about 23oC (73oF) and ranges from 20oC (68oF) to 26oC (79oF). Humidity levels are high in the city, where the average annual relative humidity tops 79%. October to December is the most pleasant season to visit Macao, when visitors can enjoy warm autumn days with low humidity. 

3. Time Zone

4. Electricity
The electricity in Macau is generally 220V, 50Hz. Please make sure you have the proper adapter. 

5. Emergency Numbers
In case of emergency, please dial 
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